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Guitar Amp Myths You Need to Know

When buying guitar amp, you need to know how to draw the line between myths and reality. This way, you would know what to expect from such device. Many times, dealer of such products may convince you that the bigger the amp is; the better. Well, this is not always true. There are other factors you need to consider like the device' portability and the appropriate size needed for the event it is needed. Sometimes, smaller is even better, unless you're using it for a big outdoor concert. To know your options, you can check out Guitar Amp Guru for reviews. Here, you would know specific brands and the features they have to offer. For personal or small area use, you will never need an amp that is more than 100 watts. In fact, many guitarists won't require one that is more than 50. There are even those who can shred a pub using a 30 watt amp. So, don't aim for a lot of watts. It's funny to know that some amateur guitarists wonder if a 500 watt amp will be enough! Well, it does only one thing and that is to damage your hearing.


Some thought that if you double the amps' watt, you are doubling its volume as well. What amplifiers do is to modify the air pressure, thereby altering the sound heard by our ears. However, it will require ten times the sound pressure level before the ear hears it as twice louder. Hence, buying 100 watt amplifier will only have a slight difference compared to a 50 watt amp. There are other factors to look at if you want to increase the volume. This can be the number of speakers and their sizes as well as the efficiency of its power's circuitry.

Another myth is that the amp's brand is everything to need to consider. In fact, they go for the brand's cheapest model and believe that this will still function as well as its high end products. Well, the smartest thing to do is to listen to its sound first and make comparison to other brands under that price bracket. You need to know that there are companies that invest on their lower end market and you have to look for them if you have a very tight budget.

Some musicians believe that having a stack is a must. Well, these things are hard to transport and difficult to carry. In fact, they are too loud when used in clubs and pubs. Considering today's law on noise restriction, there are greater chances that you won't be allowed to carry stacks with you on your next gig at all. Stacks are only used by professionals who perform in huge outdoor arenas. And for the rest of the musicians who perform somewhere else, these devices are just too heavy and too loud.

You may also be warned not to invest on tubes since they are fragile. Truth is; they're not. It just depends on how you use it. There are a lot of things you need to know about amps and it pays to clear out those myths you believe to be true. More information about amp are found here.