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Marie_6538   , 27

aus New York

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Mouth Guards Shield Teeth from Damage Caused by Bruxism

Teeth grinding, otherwise called teeth clenching occurs commonly during sleep. It is a usual sleeping action for all type of individuals both for males and females. It has been recorded for years now that bruxism is experienced by most if not all people. It is believed to be that the cause of this condition is suppressed and strong emotions as well as stress. However common it is, these symptoms must not be overlooked since regular and intense teeth clenching can cause serious pressure to the teeth that can eventually chip and wear the teeth down in the long run.


Although there are already numerous studies pointing out to the cause of this condition, the evident cause of teeth clenching during sleep is yet to be determined. Scientists believe that prolongs occurrence of this condition can be detrimental to the adults and the kids health. Some psychologists relate these psychosomatic reasons as the real cause of this condition and pointing to stress as the most influential factor. Bruxism, however, regular or irregular its occurrence may be, must not be overlooked to avoid the occurrence of deeper or more serious dental damage by managing teeth grinding at the very start of it being detected.

The following are the signs that a person is experiencing bruxism: Teeth-wearing is prevalent in the mouth of a patient upon dental examination. Bruxism creates pressure on the upper and lower teeth. If teeth clenching occurs regularly, for sure the teeth will be damaged and will be worn down in time. People with long-term and regular symptoms may have teeth that looked like it was filed down and begin to be depleted.

Chipping of the teeth can be observed upon deep examination. As bruxism gets more frequent over a long period of time, the teeth can break off and lose its form. Chipping of the teeth might go unnoticed by the person because the cracks are too small to be seen. It is only through the use of x-ray that these can be noticeable. Disregarding the clues can make the problem worse which can lead to a damage deepening until it reaches the root canal. This will only make matters worse. When this occurs, a root canal therapy or operation should be done in order to repair the worn out tooth.

If you are experiencing teeth sensitivity to cold, hot, and sweet food or beverage, then you may have been experiencing bruxism. Regardless If you have extremely sensitive teeth or not, pain when drinking hot or cold beverages might be a symptom so it is better to have them checked immediately.

Another symptom of the early occurrence of bruxism is the premature loosening of a tooth. Bruxism can make the tooth loss from its roots because of the grinding action that makes the upper and lower teeth to rock back and forth and from side to side dislodging it from its original location. This rocking motion affects the bone supporting the teeth eventually leading to teeth loosening and falling if left unattended.

For individuals who are positively diagnosed with bruxism, using a mouth guard for teeth grinding is a perfect and proven way to preserve what is left of your teeth. Have one made for you now.